Santa Barbara Architecture, Inc.

Our goal at Santa Barbara Architecture, Inc. is to design homes that encompass the casual lifestyle and impeccable design for which Santa Barbara and the surrounding Southern California coastal communities are best known. We specialize in traditional architecture, including Tuscan, Spanish Colonial Revival, French and English Country, and American Vernacular style, such as Craftsman and Cape Cod. Our team of professionals is dedicated to excellence in our field and providing the highest possible standards of client service. Working in concert with the finest contractors and master craftsmen in the world, our firm seeks to achieve the highest degree of historical authenticity, down to the minutest of details.

The entire team has spent time traveling in Europe, studying traditional architecture, farms and towns. We honor the look and feel of traditional European homes, while emphasizing modern, open floor plans and natural light. With Robert Senn’s background in Environmental Design we strive to create green homes of historical authenticity by incorporating smart design, construction, technology, materials, and maintenance elements to lessen the negative impact of the home on the environment and improve the health of the people who live inside.

We make the best use of surrounding natural elements and views, integrating them into the interior space. From the dramatic to the sublime, our creative talents retain the integrity of traditional architecture while incorporating our clients’ dreams and desires. Arches, open-beam and vaulted ceilings, custom stone surrounds and details, hand-painted tile, hand-worked iron, niches, built-in book cases and unique flooring materials combine to form an inspiring visual experience, personalized for every client.

Simplicity and elegance are hallmarks of both Spanish Revival architecture and other traditional European masonry structures. By emphasizing correct proportion, scale, and massing the essence of authenticity is captured. Creating the appearance of traditional masonry structures is of particular importance and is accomplished with thick walls that create a play of shadow and light at deep set doors and windows.

As experts in Santa Barbara County land use regulations and the often complex and confusing process of obtaining permits, we work closely with the County Planning Department to ensure timely approval of projects. Robert Senn personally presents each project to planning and design review boards.

At Santa Barbara Architecture, Inc. it is our commitment to work with the client, and to use our professional knowledge and architectural expertise to create a home of unequalled charm and timeless beauty.